Monday, August 15, 2011

It's Official: Casey Anthony More Hated Than O.J. Simpson

Americans have a love hate relationship with their criminal justice system. While we are very proud of our system that presumes innocence until proven guilty, we revile those who are found innocent that we have presumed guilty. According to the New York Post and Reuters, Casey Anthony has just made it to the top of the list of most hated people according to Americans participating in the poll. Ms. Anthony was propelled to celebrity status when she was charged with the murder of her own daughter, mainly due to the fact that she partied for a month before reporting the child missing. Then insuring that her own star will never fade, she was acquitted of the murder charge.

Ms. Anthony's status as most reviled is an endorsement for the American Criminal justice system. Right behind her is former football star O.J? Simpson who was also acquitted of a murder charge eighteen years ago. The Simpson trial proved that with enough money and a star studded team of lawyers innocence could be brought. However, Casey Anthony was defended by a team of court appointed and pro-bono lawyers representing a woman who could not afford to defend herself against the resources of the government that was willing to spare no expense to convict her.

Before Ms. Anthony stepped one foot into the courtroom, the media and pundits like Nancy Grace had convicted her of the the carve of murder. Yet a jury heard weeks of testimony, poured over hundreds of exhibits and heard both sides to exhaustion. The jury deliberated in this case, not just for hours but for days, and returned it's verdict of not guilty. Yes, despite the opinion of the expert pundits, the men and women who were actually sworn to fairly listen to all of the evidence decided that the government failed to prove its case for murder against Ms. Anthony. For that, she will always be hated.

Ms. Anthony's most hated status is proof that the system can work. Regardless of your opinion of Ms. Anthony, the verdict in her case is proof that the jury system is not merely a rubber stamp for the government or public opinion.

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