Monday, September 19, 2011

Flag Flap

While I was walking the Saturday morning when I grabbed my copy of the newspaper and noticed that for the first time in my life the words, "Solicitor General" were in the banner headline. If asked, most people do not even know what a Solicitor General does. For all he has done in the community, David Cannon, Jr. has never made the top new. Not for the drunk drivers he gets off the streets, not for the closure he brings to the families of vehicular homicides, not for his work starting a accountablity court for drunk driving and drug offenders. He never makes the papers for improving the efficiencey of government, cutting costs or saving money for taxpayers. He didn't grab a headline when the Supreme Court gave him an award for community service nor a single photograph for the countless hours he spends performing thankless menial tasks for the citizens of this county.

No, my friend made the headlines for the most ridiculous news flap of 2011. David asked his community service workers to remove some three thousand flags that were scattered about square in Downtown Canton. While the task proved to be bigger that expected and storing all those flags posed a logistical nightmare, the publicity stunt that followed from the so-called patriots who are outraged has blown this incident way out of proportion. It is safe to say that this flap has gotten more press, air time and bandwidth than the original tribute and certainly more than the "retirement ceremony" that was canceled.

It is real easy to wrap yourself in the flag, post one on your Facebook page and call yourself a patriot. It takes no courage to use a pseudonym to snipe at a public figure that had a bad day. It takes real courage to walk out in front of a television camera or to grant an interview with a critical press, to admit you made a mistake and applogize for taking action in hopes to serve the community. This is why David Cannon is a leader in the community and why I am proud to call him my friend

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