Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ryan Brunn: It's Only Just Begun

This week's indictment of Ryan Brunn is just the beginning of the quest for justice for Jorelys Rivera.The 13-count indictment gives the public a sickening glimpse of the last minutes of this 7-year-old Canton Elementary student, yet authorities are still tight-lipped about the evidence that ties the 20-year-old maintenance worker to the crime.In order to indict the case, District Attorney Garry Moss presented evidence to convince the 23-member Grand Jury that there was probable cause, or reason to believe, that Brunn committed the crimes alleged.As the weeks progress, prosecutors and law enforcement will continue to prepare their case for arraignment and trial while Brunn and his lawyers look at every aspect of this case to challenge the allegations of the government.In high profile cases, especially those that may involve the death penalty, both prosecutors and defense lawyers will work vigilantly to make sure that due process guaranteed by the United States Constitution is flawlessly followed.While many would prefer swift justice be meted out, the process ensures the guarantee of justice for all. It is often said, "The wheels of justice grind slow, but they grind fine."While justice will move forward, it will come with a substantial cost. Prosecuting and defending such a high profile murder case will come at a high cost to the taxpayers of Cherokee County and the state of Georgia. Yet that cost will pale compared to the price that the family of Jorelys Rivera pays as they are forced to relive the gruesome tragedy already visited upon them.


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